Glitch Gaming Center

Reservation Information

Glitch Gaming Center now offers RESERVATIONS!  You can Reserve your seat ahead of time for yourself or your group of friends.  Reserved computers will be locked at the time of your reservation preventing anyone but you to use your reserved computer.  Once you arrive you only need to collect your reservation at the front desk, upon which we will unlock the computer for you to use.

Reservations do not include Game-Time,  If you need more Game-Time you must pay for that separately.


You may also Reserve the back activity zone of Glitch Gaming Center.  Doing so we will set up an area where you can bring in food .  This service is recommended for parties, but is not required.


If you so choose to, Glitch Gaming Center can rent out our entire Lan Center for a closed function. 



Activity Area 1-Hour



Entire Center

Monday-Thursday 1 Hour

Friday-Sunday 1 Hour

M-T Additional Hour

F-S Additional Hour

Virtual reality







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